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NPCA Foundation Scholarship

Apply now for the NPCA Foundation scholarship at  The application deadline is March 15, 2019. Applications must be postmarked by this date.

The National Precast Concrete Association Foundation (NPCAF) Scholarship program provides undergraduate and graduate scholarships to students pursuing degrees in fields related to construction. These can include: engineering, architecture, construction management, business, sustainable building management, and more.

The recipients of the NPCAF undergraduate scholarship can receive up to $14,500 for four years. Recipients of the Daneen S. Barbour Graduate Scholarship can receive up to $3000 cash per academic year.

To learn more about the precast industry please visit NPCA’s website at

SIUE presents ACI Missouri October 2018 Cube Competition

American Coal Ash Association Educational Foundation (ACAAEF) Scholarships

The American Coal Ash Association Educational Foundation (ACAAEF) is once again accepting applications for scholarships.  Awards in the amount of $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000 are available.  Both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply.  Compete application information is available here: 

We are extending the deadline for applications until December 14, 2018.

We encourage you to pass this message to deserving students.

Best regards, 

Thomas H. Adams, FACI, President, ACAAEF

SIUE Yelana Moton recieves scholarship!

Yelana Moton, of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, recieved a $2000 scholarship from the Concrete Council.  The scholarship was presented on November 1, 2018 during the Concrete Awards dinner at the Missouri Athletic Club.  Yelana is an active member of the SIUE ACI Student Chapter.

Read more information on the SIUE website

Photos: Concrete Council / Karin O'Brien 2018

Yelana Moton (right) with SIUE's Dr. Anne WarnerSIUE Yelana Moton recieves scholarship from Concrete CouncilSIUE Yelana Moton recieves scholarship

Student competition at the Fall 2018 ACI convention in Las Vegas

The Missouri Chapter ACI had 3 teams entering the student competition at Las Vegas in October, 2018. This year's competition was to make a 4 X 8 inch cylinder of pervious concrete. The cylinder was judged on how fast water would pass thorough the concrete, tensile strength as determined by the splitting cylinder test, the cement efficiency of the mixture design and a written report.

This is a worldwide event with 52 schools from South America, Canada, USA and the Middle East competing. Although our schools did not win, they did represent our chapter well. The results are were:

  • University of Missouri Kansas City - 10th overall, best result was 3rd in tensile strength
  • Missouri Science and Technology – 14th overall, best result was 8th in report writing
  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville – 45th overall, best result 24th in tensile strength. 

Fantstic job representing the Missouri Chapter ACI!

2018 Missouri ACI Student Cube Competition

The Missouri ACI chapter conducted their annual concrete cube competition in October 2018. Six teams from four different schools competed (University of Missouri Kansas City, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, University of Missouri Columbia and Missouri Science and Technology).  This competition required that the students to make three concrete cubes to achieve 8000 psi. The emphasis was to make a consistent concrete that meets a specifications - not to achieve a high strength.  Rules of the competition were published in August.  The student teams could make cubes at the beginning of the semester with lower cement content or make their cube the week of the competition with a high cement content.

Winners were those that came closest to the target strength.  University of Missouri Kansas City came in 1st   (within 500 psi of target strength), Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 2nd   (within 540 PSI of target strength) and University of Missouri Columbia 3rd (within 590 psi of target strength).

2018 Student Cube teams from UMKC, UMC and MST