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MST & SIUE ACI Student Chapters Winners at 2019 ACI Spring Convention!

Congratulations to the teams from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (1st place) and Missouri Science & Technology (2nd place) for thier strong placement in the Cost Category  in the Mortar Workability Competition at the 2019 ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition in Quebec, Canada!  The Missouri Chapter of the American Concrete Institute is proud of how you have represented us well!

Mortar Workability Competition
Teams are challenged to create a mortar mixture with optimum flowability and stability. Students mix mortar at the convention competition site and their mixture is poured into a mold made in the shape of the letters “aci” from the top of the letter “a”. Both flowability and mixture stability are evaluated. In creating their mortar mixture, teams must pay careful attention to the specified material requirements just as concrete producers must meet specification and project requirements on a daily basis.

Cost Category

1st place: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (USA)
Students: Dalton Brookshire, David Rall
Faculty Advisor: Anne Werner

2nd place: Missouri University of Science & Technology (USA)
Students: Scott Grier, Dawson Kirtley, Victoria Smith
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Dimitri Feys, Dr. Lesley Sneed

More details about the student competition can be read here on the ACI Website.