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2018 Missouri ACI Student Cube Competition

The Missouri ACI chapter conducted their annual concrete cube competition in October 2018. Six teams from four different schools competed (University of Missouri Kansas City, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, University of Missouri Columbia and Missouri Science and Technology).  This competition required that the students to make three concrete cubes to achieve 8000 psi. The emphasis was to make a consistent concrete that meets a specifications - not to achieve a high strength.  Rules of the competition were published in August.  The student teams could make cubes at the beginning of the semester with lower cement content or make their cube the week of the competition with a high cement content.

Winners were those that came closest to the target strength.  University of Missouri Kansas City came in 1st   (within 500 psi of target strength), Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 2nd   (within 540 PSI of target strength) and University of Missouri Columbia 3rd (within 590 psi of target strength).

2018 Student Cube teams from UMKC, UMC and MST